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Lydia, born 2010

I found I was 6 weeks pregnant. I couldn't be happier, was so excited. I never heard of Fetal Nuchal Translucency which is done by ultrasound. Then I found out I was 7 cm which meant I may be having a child with a genetic disorder. I was lead by my faith that whatever this child has I can over come and learn. At 18 weeks ultrasound, I found out that child would be born with AV Canal Defect and Down Syndrome and my doctor was amazing at explaining how they would help her after birth.


At 39 weeks, on May 28th, I gave birth to a beautiful girl, 7lbs 14 ounces and 19 half inches long. On June 4th, Lydia had open heart surgery to repair AVCD. One month later she came home and her repair is marvelous. She sees her cardiologist once a year. I’m blessed to have Lydia.


Story by Lydia’s mom, Kandice - Massachusetts

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