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Mary-Grace born 2012

Mary-Grace, born 2012

At 20 weeks gestation we found out our little girl had something "wrong" with her heart. Fear, anger and sadness were immediate feelings my husband and I had. We were sent to specialists, cardiologists, and geneticists; they finally settled on the term AVSD with unrelated chromosome defects.


Mary-Grace was born on December 11, 2012 after 28 hours of labor. The NICU team was there to whisk her away but graciously let us hold her for a few moments. She spent 9 days in the NICU with a goal of her O2 being 70% or better. On day 10 we took our little bug home without oxygen!!


Mary-Grace is about to be three years old and is still unrepaired. We go every 6 months for a check up at her cardiologist and her O2 hovers around 80-90% and she couldn't be more of a "normal" toddler. She is spunky and full of energy. Eventually she will have to have a repair and I do not look forward to the day as I’ll have to tell my rambunctious kid to be still. But until, then we treasure our experience and thank God everyday for a beautiful girl, great doctors and a supportive family.


Story by Mary-Grace’s mom, Jessica - Alabama

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