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Mason, 2010

Mason, born 2010

Mason’s journey began on December 24, 2009 when I found out I was pregnant. This news was a mixed blessing because my husband and I had previously suffered four miscarriages prior to this pregnancy. But Mason proved from the beginning he was a fighter. I was closely monitored by my OB due to my previous miscarriages (which there was never any cause found for).


On August 31, 2010 I gave birth to a 7lb 14oz baby boy. My husband and I were instantly in love with this little boy! All of his tests were normal, and he was a perfect shade of pink. No one would ever suspect what was about to come. We were aware that he had a heart murmur from the pediatrician that rounded at the hospital. He did not seem too concerned about it, and just told us to make sure we let his regular pediatrician know about it. So, we took Mason home and the journey began.


Mason was home with us for 2 weeks before he was diagnosed with his CHD. We had taken him to a pediatric cardiologist for a follow up due to the heart murmur. It was then that our lives changed forever. I can barely recall what the doctor told us, or what he was even diagnosing Mason with. All I remember thinking was that there was something wrong with my seemingly perfect baby. We were rushed to the hospital, then to ICU, and then Mason spent almost a month in the hospital. They wanted to get him stronger before his surgery.


He had open heart surgery to correct a coarctation in his aorta, a very large VSD, and to look at his mitral valve, which was narrow. His left ventricle was barely working. To this day, it is all still a blur sometimes. He has a laundry list of diagnoses and has finally been given the Shone’s diagnosis. He will eventually need additional surgery to either repair or replace his mitral valve. Until then, we are forever grateful for everyday we have with him.


Mason has shown us that he is a fighter and will continue to remain strong in future obstacles he is presented with. Right now, we take it day by day with him. We forget sometimes that he is as sick as he is because it is hard to believe when you look at him.


Story by Mason’s mother, Samantha - Ohio

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