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Merri, 1973

Merri, born 1973

Hi. My name is Merri. I was born with Tricuspid Atresia in 1973. I am currently happy and healthy. Have a wonderful husband, 2 step daughters, and a niece and nephew. I have had a great opportunity to have the best pediatric cardiologist, Dr Patricia Rompf. I also have had the pleasure of working with all the wonderful doctors and nurses at Boston Children’s Hospital. I would not be here today without these people. They are performing miracles everyday.


Although I have not been able to participate in sports and many of the things my friends and sibling have, I don't miss any of it. I'm 38 years old and glad to be above ground every single day.


To the kids: You are special so don't worry about all the things you "can't do" and focus on all the things you "can do". You are loved! Every one of those doctors and nurses has your best interest at heart, believe me!! You’re gonna grow up and have an Amazing life!! So what if you can't participate in some activities. That just gives you more of an opportunity to focus on what is really important to you! Be Strong! Stay Well and most important, don't try to be your own doctor! Listen to your doctors as they are wise and care about you more than you think they do.


To the Parents: Your child is going to grow up and be fine. He or she will make their own way in life! They will learn and grow along with their condition. I can't stress this enough, but don't baby them as they don't want to be treated differently. Don't tell them they can't do something because they are "sick"! My aunt took me to the beach when I was 10 and told me to carry back this heavy bucket with clams and water in it. I automatically said I can't. She said, Yes You Can! Who said you can't you can do it? From that day forward I did exactly that. I went after what I wanted and got it. I'm fine. I'm happy, have a great family, doctors and husband. Let them get a scrape or two and play in the snow, its okay. If anyone wants to contact me directly, email Little Hearts and they’ll provide it to you.


Story by Merri, Adult CHD Survivor - Florida

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