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Mikey, 2014

Mikey, born 2014

My son was born undiagnosed with Tetrology of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia and MAPCAS. He is the 3rd heart baby on my side of the family. When he was born, he was "normal" until a few hours after birth when he wasnt eating well and he turned completely purple. He then went to ICU and was transferred to Children's Medical Center in Dallas. We stayed in ICU for a week, another week on the heart floor, until doctors decided he needed to grow more before surgery could be done.


My son was then hospitalized for a month due to constantly destating and turning blue. A cardiac cath revealed very tiny MAPCAS and surgery had to wait or my son would not live through it.


Mikey had his first surgery in May of 2015 at 10 months old. He had a BT Shunt put in. His oxygen increased to 78% - 86%. He is still fed orally and by ng-tube. Due to high risk of germs, he stays isolated. He does not go near other children, schools, grocery stores, etc. He is our little heart warrior! 


Story by Mikey's mom, Christy - Texas

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