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Murphy, 2004

Murphy, born 2004

In September,  we were the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy.  However, shortly after his birth, Murphy was quickly whisked off to "special care" NICU because he was having trouble breathing.  We were absolutely stunned to find out that he had Transposition of the Great Arteries. 

Within two hours, he had a balloon atrial septostomy and two days later he had an arterial switch.  The latter of which was one of the longest days of our lives! We were beside ourselves with worry but ten days later we were home. 

Murphy had reflux until about six months of age.  He is now walking, self-feeding, jabbering constantly and eats everything healthy in sight.  He also hits the milestones right on schedule. We go for EKGs and echocardiograms regularly at Yale New Haven Hospital.  He is doing great and has never looked back!

UPDATE:  July 2012

We were not able to be at the 2012 picnic because of a clash in schedule. It's not every CHD boy who can't make a picnic because he has a lacrosse jamboree. Murph is enjoying quite the sports career. Having had a ton of fun in soccer and baseball he seems to have settled for the cardio-friendly sports of swimming and lacrosse. He is a member of a competitive swim team and has a deadly backstroke. Academically he is excelling having been named Best Mathematician upon graduating 2nd grade. Personality-wise he remains a happy and friendly young man who has never met a stranger. He brings joy to us every day. He is mischievous rouge with a smile a mile wide. We are so grateful to his surgeons and cardiologist for granting us the privilege of enjoying every one of his happy days.

Story by Murphy’s mom, Kathleen - Connecticut

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