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Mycah, 2008

Mycah, born 2008

After an uncomplicated pregnancy, my son Mycah was born on March 24, 2008.  He looked wonderful and cried immediately. We held him briefly and they took him to bath and evaluate him.  We were never prepared for what came next when the pediatrician came in and told me our son had a CHD and was being life flighted to Hershey Medical Center.  The next few hours were a blur. Family rushed in and our two older sons rushed in to see their brother before they him away.


The next few days were like living in a fog.  Mycah was born with TGA, VSD, and a mitral valve defect and at two days old, was taken into surgery.  Afterwards, we spent 12 days while he laid in complete heart block while they decided whether he needed a permanent pacemaker.  The night before the surgery, his block resolved and it was not needed. At that moment was when I knew our new baby was a fighter and he would continue to fight.


After 22 days, we came home to a huge welcome party.  They were not able to reverse his arteries due to the mitral valve issue so they are doing a Fontan procedure to rebuild his heart.  He will have his next surgery possibly as soon as October and then the final one at two years old. Right now, he is a happy, healthy baby boy.  He loves to yell and smile at his brothers, and he has already learned how to shake his head "no" when he doesn't like what they are doing. We realize every day how lucky we are to have all three of our children and how blessed we are that research has come so far.


Story by Mycah's mom, Cassie - Pennsylvania

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