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Nathan, 2010

Nathan, born 2010

Nathan was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome prenatally at 18 weeks. He was born March 2nd, 2010 at BWH and transferred to Children's Hospital Boston where he had the Norwood at just 3 days old. Only spending 3 weeks at the hospital, our little guy finally came home!


After a few weeks went by Nathan's color wasn't looking right. He was purple and his oxygen sats were 58% so we brought him back to Children's when he later coded and was placed on ECMO. Our family was so devastated when we were told he had severe brain damage, seizures and that he needed to go on the transplant list. I sat by his bedside and prayed constantly hoping he would make it. Days later a miracle happened. Not only did Nathan start breathing on his own but he didn't end up needing a transplant! He soon had the Glenn at 5 months old and had his feeding tube placed as well. He spent a total 4 months at CHB.


Because of the stroke Nathan is physically behind but mentally is all there! He started walking and eating by mouth at 21 months and has been thriving since. He just had the Fontan right after his 2nd birthday and it has made all the difference. He is the greatest gift I could ever ask for, truly a miracle!


Story by Nathan's mom, Janet - Massachusetts

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