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Ruby, 2009

Ruby, born 2009

Our story begins like so many others with the memorable pause during the ultrasound and the devastating news that our new baby will have HLHS. Being prenatally diagnosed was a blessing in disguise.  Although it was so hard to carry her knowing what she faced immediately after birth, my family and I are so thankful to have been prepared. Ruby's big brother Samson was a preemie, so our first mission was just to carry her as close to term as possible.  My labor was induced at 37 weeks because she had stopped growing. She was born January 21, 2009. Many prayers were said for her as she was flown 3 hours after birth to Egleston Children's hospital in Atlanta.


She faced her first stage surgery at only 4 pounds and did very well. Dr. Kirshbom was her incredible,talented and caring surgeon.  We left the hospital for the comforts of home on February 7th. We were terrified to take care of her so far from the monitors and security of the hospital.  She had two heart caths to do, an angioplasty and than would have a stint placed into her 4mm shunt before she was big enough for her Glenn procedure. Before her Glenn, it seemed like we spent every few days or so in the ER, but we always seemed to get there just in time.  We know that God and her guardian angels are taking great care of her and all of the other heart babies we have met. And thanks to awesome care and love she has received from our family, community and all of her health care providers(home health care, cardiologist, nurses, surgeons, etc.) her life is so much happier than I ever imagined it to be.


She has a fighting spirit and a happy smile that expresses overwhelming joy from just being alive.  Since her Glenn in late May, everything seems so much more "normal" and relaxed. She loves staring at her brother, playing with her toys and exploring the new world around her. We try not to dwell on what discomforts she might face down the road because of her special heart. Instead, we thank God for every wonderful day that we are enjoying with her. She is without a doubt living a wholehearted life! We love her and are so proud of our little miracle Ruby Anne Regina. "Oodee"


Story by Ruby's mom, Samantha - GEORGIA

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