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Russell, 2000

Russell, born 2000

My son Russell was born February 22, 2000 with HLHS. He was diagnosed at 18 weeks after a scan picked up an abnormality with his heart. We were given 3 options when the diagnosis was confirmed and we opted for the 3-staged surgery as doing nothing wasn't an option for us. Russell had the toughest time with lung and fluid complications after the Fontan, but did well through the Norwood and Glenn.


He is a red-headed spitfire and is our hero. I had him when I was 38 years old. He is an only child and is very sociable with other children. He also has ADD and works hard in school, loves music, played little league baseball with great coaches, and was a cub scout.


We have had great support from family and friends as well as great doctors, and joining Little Hearts was a great help to me and my family as we would get together and share experiences when Russell was younger. I still am in contact with another member who has an older child with HLHS to ask questions and advice as things come up when Russell gets older as she can share her experiences. This is a great group to be a member of and every day we are thankful that we have Russell as he truly is a miracle.


Story by Russell’s mom, Adrienne – New York

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