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Ryan, born 2003

Ryan was diagnosed with HLHS during a routine prenatal screening at 17 weeks. After meeting with the cardiologist, we were told about the underdevelopment of Ryan's heart and given three options. There really was only one choice - the 3 Stage Norwood procedures. We were so fortunate to meet Dr. Norwood and his incredible team at DuPont Hospital. I was amazed that this man with very large hands had the incredible ability to repair such a small organ. Dr. Norwood performed Ryan's Stage 1 repair when he was 5 days old. The first 24 hours post-surgery were the hardest. Ryan was a fighter and came home for Thanksgiving.


At two months of age, during an office visit, it was discovered that the "communication valve" between the right and left side of Ryan's heart was slowly closing and required an immediate catheterization to insert a shunt. All went well. Ryan's 2nd Stage was at four months and this procedure went great. However, one day after being discharged, Ryan was re-admitted with Rotavirus.


As pleasant as could be, you would never know what this baby just went through. January, 2005 Ryan had his Fontan. Though the surgery was a great success, he had many complications and spent 5 weeks in the hospital.


Today, Ryan loves school, playing baseball and video games. He is truly a blessing and is so full of energy!


Story by Ryan's mom, Eileen - PENNSYLVANIA

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