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Ryan, born 2004

Ryan is a true fighter.  He was diagnosed with a severe and complex congenital heart defect.  We first found out about Ryan when we went in for our first ultrasound appointment.  The doctors told us what they saw and my husband and I were devastated because this was our second child with a CHD.  Our first son had even more complex CHD and passed away at four months old. We never thought we'd actually have another child with a CHD too.  I mean, it crossed our minds but we never thought we would be in the same situation, two and a half years later! We were blown away with the news.


After Ryan was born, he had the BT shunt within the first few days of birth at Columbia Presbyterian by Dr. Q.  At five months old he had the bidirectional glenn procedure and recently had the fenestrated Fontan. He had a stroke in his brain and now needs physical and occupational therapy.  He's up and going like there was nothing done to him. If you were to see him no one would believe that he has a severe and complex CHD. He's doing great! He's our hero really.


Story by Ryan's mother, Diane - NEW JERSEY

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