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Sam, 2011

Sam, born 2011

Sam was born full term at a healthy 8lbs. He was supposed to be delivered by c-section because he was breach but Sam had different plans and was delivered in the OR. After he was delivered he wasn't breathing well and was taken to the nursery to be observed. After a short time he was in our arms.


He was a happy, calm, and hungry baby boy. We were sent home and on day 6 of his life and noticed that he was breathing heavy during nursing. A quick call to the on call pediatrician sent us to our local hospital ER, and then to Children’s Hospital Boston where we learned when Sam had TAPVR and would need OHS to survive.


Those first days of waiting were the hardest. He had his first surgery when he was 12 days old and after 6 hours in the OR, he went to the CCU to recover. Unfortunately during the surgery something had gone wrong and needed to be corrected. He was released and recovered quickly.


We were in the hospital a total of fourteen days. It was hard to adjust when we first came home and he has had some issues, however, through it all he remains a happy little guy. Even the doctors have commented on his joyous demeanor.


Today, he is a HAPPY baby boy who is vocal and loving and truly a gift from GOD. He brings a smile to so many faces. He has thrived physically (he is in the 90th % for height and weight) and mentally.


When this all happened, I didn't know what to expect. I couldn't have prayed for a better life.


Story by Sam's mother, Jessica - Connecticut

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