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Sara, born 2005 Cardiomyopathy

Sara, born 2005

Our journey began when I was twenty weeks pregnant.  Our daughter's heart rate went from normal to only forty beats a minute at best.  I was diagnosed with Lupus and Sarah was diagnosed with complete heart block. Sara was born ten weeks early and had a pacemaker placed when she was five hours old.  We spent three months in the hospital, some in Cincinnati Children's hospital, some in Peyton Manning here in Indiana. We have had many struggles, lots of lung problems, lots of trouble gaining weight.


Sara was also diagnosed at birth with congenital cardiomyopathy.  Recently she has been put on medication to try to help the issue but it has not been very successful.  Our next path is to begin thinking of a heart transplant. Our daughter is a beautiful little girl that we have had to fight to keep but she is also just a three year old preschooler.  Every day we enjoy the blessing God has given us with her.


Story by Sara's mom, Jami - INDIANA

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