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Syrius, born 2010

When I got pregnant with my son I thought it was going to be a normal pregnancy. But when we went to find out his gender we found out that there was something wrong with his heart. My doctor then referred me to a specialist at Valley Children's Hospital that's when they told me my son would have a hard time because he had Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.


They then gave me the option of terminating my pregnancy or keeping my baby. I decided to keep him however he came. They also said he would have Down syndrome and genetic disorders, which he does not have.


On August 19th, 2010, Syrius was born weighing 9 pounds 7 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long born at 11:53pm. I didn't get to see my son until a couple hours later when the transport unit for Valley Children's came to get him. He then received his Norwood a week later. He stayed for three months.


In January he got RSV was there for a week or so. He then went for a heart cath that went wrong on February 9th. He stayed in ICU for observation his heart stopped February 10th at 4:30am. He wasn't released until April 2nd. He received heart stents. He was then treated for RSV, lung disease, and MRSA. He was given a 50/50 chance to live. His Glenn was then postponed about eight different times. February 23rd he received his surgery he was there for about nine days then released.


Story by Syrius’ mom, Gabriela – California

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