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Tara, 1992

Tara, born 1993

Many of us can remember back to our own elementary school experience and recall the Physical Fitness testing conducted by our Phys Ed (PE) teachers.  The program as it exists today is designed to assess the current level of fitness for youths ages 6-17 years old. Children are tested on 5 events that measure muscular strength/endurance, cardio-respiratory endurance, speed, agility and flexibility.

As a parent of a child with HLHS, I would have been proud just to have our daughter participate and complete each event.  I would never have anticipated that 4 years in a row she was awarded the highest achievement - "The Presidential Physical Fitness Award" recognizing youths who score at or above 85th percentile on all 5 events.

Thanks to a very supportive PE teacher and a lot of tenacity, our daughter accomplished her goal and made "Presidential" throughout her elementary school years.  She was given special dispensation on the mile (allowed to walk when needed) but scored the >85% on all other events. Of course, you would have thought she came home with the Olympic medal with our reaction.  She is so proud as am I. As many of you know, and many will come to learn, our heart-kids can and will do great things each and every day!

Story by Tara's mom, Barbara - New Jersey 

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