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Veronica, born 2009

Veronica was born ten days early and weighed 8lb 9oz! She was a healthy and happy baby! She was seen by the pediatrician at one week of age and this is when we were told she had a slight heart murmur. He wanted her seen by St. Chris cardiology immediately and we had appointment within a week.


We were told it sounded like a slight murmur and weren’t concerned but also performed and echocardiogram to be sure. That’s when we were told me the worse possible news ever and that Veronica had a rare heart defect and required open heart surgery. Without it, she would wilt away and die.


She had the arterial switch when she was six days old.  Surgery went well. She was transferred to CICU where her heart stopped. She had to be resuscitated. Her heart would stop a total of five times and required resuscitation every time. After the fifth time, her heart started beating on its own. They could not explain why it stopped or why it was now beating on its own. The doctor said he never saw a child go through that many resuscitations and not require a heart and lung bypass machine! She would spend eleven days in the hospital.


Currently, she is having issues with dilation of the valves and is taking medication to slow the dilation so that she can grow into it and avoid another open heart surgery for valve replacement.


She is a healthy and happy little girl who is growing up so fast and very excited to start preschool! Every birthday is a monumental event in our house with a huge bash! Needless to say I cry every year on her birthday and thank God for her being able to see another! She is our little miracle and a true blessing! I would love to provide support to others! Feel free to contact me through contact form!  God bless all CHD kids!!


Story by Veronica’s mother, Jenifer – Pennsylvania

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