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Zachary, 2006

Zachary, born 2006

On May 23, 2006 our second child, Zachary, was born with Transposition of the Great Arteries.   We found out at our five month ultrasound there was something wrong with his heart. I had heard about people saying they felt numb but never experienced that feeling until the day he was diagnosed.  The next few weeks were a whirlwind of appointments, phone calls, and planning. I was to give birth in Boston, and Zachary would have surgery within the first week of life to repair his heart at Boston Children's Hospital.

Over the next few months until my due date, I felt many emotions.  Many questions as to "why us?" and "if it can be repaired, why does it have to happen in the first place?"  I cried constantly and had visions of our future with a sick child, having constant health issues to deal with, and our lives being forever changed.

But, when he was born at 8lbs 15oz. I took one look at him and knew everything was going to be OK.  He underwent the arterial switch operation at two days old and was HOME eight days later! We couldn't believe it!  Everything moved so quickly, and he is as healthy as ever! 

He's never looked back, and we thank God everyday for the gift he is to our family.  We've come a long way since we found out about his defect and we are stronger for it.  He is the happiest and easiest baby. Sometimes we even forget he's even been through what he has because he is just so healthy now!  We are so blessed to have him in our lives!

Story by Zachary's mom, Kim - New Hampshire  

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